The business card site will help in obtaining additional customers and informing the current

It is a so-called “virtual business card” in the expanded version, or in other words: a website on the Internet that reflects the basic information about the organization / company. The main tasks of the site of this kind are: the list of services, prices, the advantages of working with your company / organization, the history of the company, contact information. The information on the turnkey card site is presented in brief form without complex and structured catalogs and the possibility to order (as in the Internet store), this web resource is very concise and understandable. Here is a short list of services and products, as well as price lists and contacts for communication. A potential client can easily get acquainted with the content of the site and get full confidence that he wants to use the service or purchase the goods from you.

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One page sales page with product or service information

Landing Page turnkey is a stylish one-page presentation site that visually displays the main services, benefits, reviews, directions of the company’s activities, feedback form for clarifying or ordering the service / product. As a rule in landing page there is no possibility of buying goods / services online. In case you need a direct purchase online, you can make an online store with online payment integration (liqpay, paypal, etc.). Landing Page – is aimed at minimizing the time spent on familiarizing potential customers with the company’s activities or about a particular product / service. Bonus when ordering this type of site from me you will get an administrative panel with the possibility of future editing of information on a single-page site if necessary. Price and quality will make you happy!

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Full-featured online store with the ability to make purchases online

I develop Internet shops on a turn-key basis of different volumes and complexities, for every taste and color at the most favorable prices in the market. You can be sure that your project will meet all modern requirements. I can create for you a store with a unique design, or using ready-made solutions. In any case, the store will look stylish and fit your business.
With the help of online store you can declare yourself as a seller of some products on the World Wide Web. Place all your goods in the catalog, indicating detailed characteristics and benefits, as well as prices. Visitors of your site can easily get acquainted with the entire range and purchase goods online. With the help of the shopping basket will be comfortable. Adding goods to the shopping cart, you can edit the number of products, see the general price list, add and delete goods. Advantages of the online store above the catalog is the presence of a basket that performs the functions of the seller. But if there is no need to buy online, and you just want to acquaint your potential customer with the assortment – for this function you can create a Web site without the possibility of buying, the cost of such a site will be cheaper.
Online stores enable business owners to expand the geography of their activities and attract more customers, as anyone who is located anywhere in the world can visit the resource with your goods, he can make a purchase without leaving home.

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Resource for business with a wide range of functions: feedback, tables, gallery, etc.

You, probably, often meet such concept, as a corporate site? What is the difference between creating a corporate website and creating a business card site?
The business card site contains brief information about the company: the type of activity of the organization, the history of the company’s development, contacts and directions. That is, in fact, it is the card of the company.
A corporate site is a developed resource that is intended for both website visitors and employees of the company. For visitors on the corporate site there is detailed information about the company, a catalog of goods and services and much more. For the company’s employees, a corporate website can be integrated with CRM management systems.

In addition, the corporate Internet site can contain various closed sections for different groups of users, access to the closed sections is provided by password. For example, a section for employees, a section for dealers, a section for regional representatives.

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Code without unnecessary garbage, with clear class names and indentations. Adaptive templates allow you to view the site both on the computer and on mobile devices.


When writing the code, I use modern standards for writing code — PHP5, HTML5, CSS3

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